When you Make it to the Publisher’s Catalogue

Then the book will probably end up being a real thing, right?

Polis Books 2023 Catalog https://polisbooks-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/polis-books-2023-catalog.pdf

Christy Oslund
Publication Date: September 19, 2023
$16.99 / $22.99 CAN • Trade Paperback • 320 pages • 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-1-957957-21-0
Rights available: World, Audio

Life in small-town Michigan is quiet. Despite the calm, no one hears the blow that strikes a man dead.
A riveting novel for fans of Chris Whitaker that will stick with you after the last page is turned.
Kara Heikkinen finds the murdered man while inspecting a farm for potential cattle-poaching evidence. She
is immediately determined to solve the crime because as both a sheriff’s sergeant and an autistic woman, she
requires a level of order in her world. Allowing the villagers in her Finnish-American town to kill each other
and dump the bodies in cow ponds isn’t orderly.

Unfortunately, the job of solving the crime technically belongs to the State Detective. Not that any of the
locals will communicate with him—they barely speak to each other. But she can use her connections to do
what the detective cannot—talk to locals like the dead man’s mother, a suspect’s neighbor, and her own
well-informed cousin who happened to employ the dead man. She learns of a well-hidden affair, a missing
engagement ring, the victim’s anger over drugs given to his cousin, and envy among ‘friends’ over the
victim’s girlfriend.

Can Kara solve the murder and put her world back in order before the murderer flees the small town on the
shores of Lake Superior and is lost forever?

Dyslexic, autistic, and good with animals, Dr. Christy Oslund wasn’t expected to go far in the academic world or writing. She
started killing people (on the page) during a COVID-induced layoff and decided writing was her new side-hustle. Now back at Michigan Tech University, she coordinates services for disabled students. Dr. Oslund has also taught at Northern Michigan University, Michigan State, and at MTU. She holds an MFA in writing and has published extensive non-fiction on disability. She lives with dogs and cats (and refuses to pick a side in that debate) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. DEAD BEFORE THE END OF THE ROAD is her debut novel. Find her at christyoslund.blog and @ChristyOslund

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